How does the displacement sensor prevent electrostatic interference?

Electrostatic interference and FM interference can easily cause the digital scale to jump. The strong current line of the linear displacement sensor device is separated from the signal line of the electronic ruler. The electronic ruler should use a forced grounding bracket, and the outer casing of the electronic ruler (the resistance between the end cap screw and the bracket can be measured, should be less than 1Ω resistance) is well grounded, and the signal wire should be shielded. wire to ground.

Linear Displacement Sensor Troubleshooting and Removal

 Displacement sensor, also known as linear sensor, is a linear device belonging to metal induction. The function of the sensor is to convert various measured physical quantities into electricity.

Precautions for the use of grating ruler

Notes on the use of grating ruler:   (1) The power should be turned off when the grating ruler sensor and the digital display plug socket are plugged and unplugged.   (2) Add a protective cover as much as possible, and clean up the chips and oil splashed on the ruler in time, and strictly prevent any foreign matter from entering the inside of the grating ruler sensor housing. The entry of chips and oil can easily lead to inaccurate or even no reading of the grating scale.