Displacement Sensor Category

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

In many automatic detection systems, it is necessary to convert the measured physical quantities (such as pressure, flow, acceleration, etc.) into displacement first, and then convert the displacement into electrical signal output. Therefore, displacement sensor is one of the most important basic sensors. According to the different transformation forms of the measured variable, displacement sensors can be divided into two types: analog and digital. The analog type can be divided into two types: characteristic type (such as self-generating type) and structural type. Most of the commonly used displacement sensors are analog, including resistive displacement sensors, capacitive displacement sensors, and inductive displacement sensors. An important advantage of digital displacement sensor is that it is convenient for the signal to be directly sent to the computer system. This kind of sensor develops rapidly and is widely used, mainly including grating, magnetic grating and capacitive grating. Classification of displacement sensors: