No. 3 Milling Machine and Milling Machine Electronic Ruler Specifications

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  The grating ruler is mainly responsible for displacement measurement and is a high-resolution, high-precision, fully enclosed measuring instrument. Adopt photoelectric conversion mode to achieve high-efficiency and high-speed use effect

  Many customers who buy grating rulers do not know the difference between the accuracy and resolution of the grating ruler. What we generally call 5UM, 1UM, 10UM, 0.5UM, etc. refers to the resolution of the grating ruler, which is equivalent to the scale of the grating ruler. , just like the scale on an ordinary ruler. The accuracy is not a definite value. Under ideal conditions, the accuracy of the grating scale can reach the resolution of the grating scale. However, the accuracy will be affected by various factors, and there will be corresponding errors. For example, the accuracy will be affected by the stroke of the ruler, the working environment, installation parallelism, temperature, etc. The installation parallelism will also have a certain impact on the accuracy of the grating ruler. . However, as long as the installation is correct and the environment is not very harsh, the grating ruler can still achieve high accuracy. After all, the grating ruler is one of the most precise measuring instruments.

  The specification of the grating ruler of the No. 3 milling machine is 850*400MM, 5UM, and the specification of the No. 4 milling machine is 900*450MM, 5UM. If the required accuracy is higher, it can be equipped with a resolution of 1UM. The higher the resolution of the grating scale, the higher the accuracy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.