A little suggestion on the selection of displacement sensor

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  Displacement sensor has been widely used in industry, water conservancy, petroleum, coal mine and liquid level measurement. It has the characteristics of simple usage, high precision and good stability.

  The so-called displacement sensor is a system device. As a measuring device, the displacement sensor plays a key role in many applications. It is used to measure the appearance of mechanical displacement, as well as the amount of displacement changed by machines in industrial processing. Displacement sensors can be divided into analog displacement sensors and digital displacement sensors according to the signal output. The resistive capacitive and inductive eddy current types that we usually see are analog displacement sensors, and they have the same characteristic that they are simple in structure. Compared with the digital displacement sensor, the output of the measured displacement change is converted into a digital direct reading. Compared with the analog displacement sensor, it is still more complicated, but its advantage is that the measurement accuracy is relatively high, which allows us to be more It is enough to know the measured displacement change more accurately.

  Displacement sensors have high accuracy requirements in detection, such as stable requirements for ambient temperature and accurate control requirements for moving tissues. At present, in order to detect the installation of the sensor when the displacement is questioned, the developers have developed a laser displacement sensor, which uses the principle of echo analysis to measure the distance to achieve a certain degree of accuracy. The inside of the sensor is composed of a processor unit, an echo processing unit, a laser transmitter, and a laser receiver. In the current displacement sensor production industry, the detection distance of displacement is the most popular topic. Perhaps measuring the displacement is not the final intention, and a series of questions about the change in the size of the displacement and the required measurement accuracy are all related to the application.

  All in all, the displacement sensor buyer needs to know the working principle of the displacement sensor and the installation method of the displacement sensor, and then know how to select the type. Displacement sensors are similar to other sensors that convert the changes seen in reality into electrical signals. Usually according to the change of displacement and the accuracy of user needs to decide which sensor to choose, think about its errors, think about whether its travel interval has an impact on the user's operating environment on data collection, and so on. The same displacement sensor is a sensitive device, and the precautions for use should be advised at the time of purchase, so that the sensor has a longer service life.