Precautions for the use of grating ruler

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  Notes on the use of grating ruler:

  (1) The power should be turned off when the grating ruler sensor and the digital display plug socket are plugged and unplugged.

  (2) Add a protective cover as much as possible, and clean up the chips and oil splashed on the ruler in time, and strictly prevent any foreign matter from entering the inside of the grating ruler sensor housing. The entry of chips and oil can easily lead to inaccurate or even no reading of the grating scale.

  (3) Regularly check whether each installation connecting screw is loose.

  (4) In order to prolong the life of the dust-proof sealing strip, a thin layer of silicone oil can be evenly coated on the sealing strip, and be careful not to splash on the scribed surface of the glass grating.

  (5) In order to ensure the reliability of the grating scale sensor, the grating scale surface and the indicating grating surface can be cleaned and wiped with ethanol mixture (50% each) at regular intervals to keep the glass grating scale surface clean.

  (6) It is strictly forbidden to vibrate and beat the grating scale sensor violently, so as not to damage the grating scale. If the grating scale is broken, the grating scale sensor will be scrapped.

  (7) Do not disassemble the grating sensor by yourself, and do not arbitrarily change the relative distance between the main scale and the secondary scale, otherwise, on the one hand, the accuracy of the grating sensor may be damaged; The relative friction, damage to the chromium layer will also damage the grid line, thus causing the grating ruler to be scrapped.

  (8) Care should be taken to prevent oil and water from contaminating the surface of the grating scale, so as not to damage the line fringe distribution of the grating scale and cause measurement errors.

  (9) The grating sensor should try to avoid working in the environment with severe corrosion, so as not to corrode the grating chromium layer and the surface of the grating, and damage the quality of the grating.