How does the displacement sensor prevent electrostatic interference?

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  Electrostatic interference and FM interference can easily cause the digital scale to jump. The strong current line of the linear displacement sensor device is separated from the signal line of the electronic ruler. The electronic ruler should use a forced grounding bracket, and the outer casing of the electronic ruler (the resistance between the end cap screw and the bracket can be measured, should be less than 1Ω resistance) is well grounded, and the signal wire should be shielded. wire to ground.

  In the case of electrostatic interference, the voltage measurement of the general multimeter is very normal, but it shows digital beating; the phenomenon is the same when the high frequency device is interfered. To verify whether it is electrostatic interference, use a linear displacement sensor power cord to short-circuit the cover screw of the electronic ruler with a certain point of metal on the machine. As long as the short-circuit is performed, the electrostatic interference will be eliminated immediately. However, it is difficult to eliminate high-frequency interference by the above-mentioned methods, and there are many high-frequency interferences in robots and inverters.