Application of Displacement Sensor in Hydropower Plant

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  Application of displacement sensors in hydropower plants: The equipment requirements of modern large-scale hydropower plants are quite strict. At present, some large-scale hydropower plants in my country are basically required to achieve intelligent monitoring and management. Intelligent monitoring and management requires the selection of superior management equipment to control, where the sensor is one of the most important monitoring equipment for hydropower plants. In the construction of a large-scale hydropower plant, in order to improve the overall efficiency and the reliability of equipment work, people need to have high requirements for sensors.

  Hydroelectric power is a complex process. In order to generate a stable current, the turbine must rely on a stable water flow rate. Among them, the linear displacement sensor plays a decisive role in controlling the water flow rate. The turbine equipped with the linear displacement sensor selects a water source with a beautiful environment, water level drop and sustainable gushing, and its water energy can ensure the sustainable development of hydraulic power. There are several very important requirements for selecting a linear displacement position sensor here: the first is high reliability and strong anti-interference ability. There are quite a lot of such devices in hydropower plants, so the interference problem of electromagnetic voltage and other sensors on the sensor must have very little influence to achieve accurate measurement. The second is that the sensor must meet the requirements of accuracy and speed, easy to use and maintain, and suitable for the special environment of the power plant. In actual work, due to the harsh environment of the four guide bearings of the hydro-generator set, the platinum resistance wire often breaks. Therefore, special protection should be carried out on the root wire of the platinum resistance to prevent the oil tank during the rotation of the generator set. The impurities in it continuously impact it.

  Today's domestic displacement sensors also have the characteristics of high precision, which can provide μm-level accuracy. In the output mode of analog quantity, the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder can be detected to start the control valve, so as to achieve the purpose of accurately controlling the guide vane. By measuring the water level in the channel, the guide vanes are precisely controlled to ensure a constant water level. With the displacement sensor, the power generation of hydropower plants can be effectively increased, and the power generation of hydropower plants will be greatly improved if the power is correspondingly increased. The application of sensors in hydropower plants is still improving. With the development of sensors and the improvement of scientific and technological level, more and better sensors will continue to appear, so that the automation level of power plants will be further improved.