The advantages and disadvantages of carbon film conductive film and plastic conductive film

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  In the early years, due to the negative impact caused by individual domestic carbon film electronic rulers, domestic customers no longer believed in carbon film electronic rulers, but highly praised plastic conductive film electronic rulers.

  The advantages and disadvantages of various carbon films are analyzed as follows: 1. Let’s talk about plastic conductive films first. The plastic conductive film is made of thermosetting plastic heated and cured on the substrate, which is brittle and afraid of falling. Due to the thick thickness of the plastic carbon film, it is difficult to repair and engrave (this is determined by the characteristics of repair and engraving). The main disadvantage is that the plastic The friction between the conductive film and the metal brush will generate static electricity. When the static electricity accumulates to a certain level, discharge will occur, and output error will occur during discharge, resulting in unstable operation. This is its disadvantage. As for several reciprocating movements, enough charge will be accumulated to cause discharge, which will vary according to the humidity of the air in different seasons. Therefore, the electronic ruler of plastic conductive film can only be used for rougher machine control, because there will be an abnormal output after every few movements. 2. For the carbon film electronic ruler, because the carbon film is very thin, it is very easy to repair and engrave, and can achieve high linear accuracy; and the friction between the metal brush and the carbon film will not generate static electricity, and will not generate discharge, so the output is very stable. Therefore, the carbon film electronic ruler is still the only choice for international brands. Carbon film electronic ruler, the most important thing is brush technology. Only when the brush and carbon film cooperate well, we can get a product with long life, stable quality, high precision, and no shortcomings of plastic conductive carbon film.

  From the perspective of the two, there is no so-called plastic conductive film that has an advantage over carbon film conductivity.

  Regardless of whether it is a plastic conductive film or a carbon film conductive film, the one that suits you is the best!