Retrofit advantages of digital grating ruler

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  The advantages of digital display transformation:

  1. The total investment of machine tool transformation is very small, which is suitable for the residual value of the old machine tool. Compared with the numerical control transformation, the digital display transformation cost is low and the rate of return is high. After the transformation, the display accuracy of the machine tool can be improved and the production efficiency can be improved;

  2. It has the function of attaching the machine, which can be loaded and unloaded at any time. It is common to other machine tools. The digital display has arc, bisector, center, and oblique bisector, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency. , to increase the value of machine accessories.

  3. There is no installation and adjustment procedures for other devices, which is convenient for maintenance;

  4. The operator is easy to master and can be used without training. It is mainly used to transform various types of lathes, grinders, boring machines, gantry milling machines, vertical lathes, etc.

  5. After the digital display transformation of large-scale machine tools, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers, save labor, improve work efficiency, reduce scrap rate, and have stable and reliable mechanical performance.

  6. Wide range of uses: it can not only be used for routine tasks of milling machines, drilling machines, boring machines and turning machining, but also provides an ideal solution for many machine tools, measuring and testing equipment and special machine tools, in fact it is suitable for all manual machine tools