Operating Instructions for Pull Rope Displacement Sensors

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  1. Product wiring diagram

  Resistive output type




  Analog signal 0~5/0~10V output type




  Analog signal 4~20mA output type (two-wire system)




  Analog signal 4~20mA output type (three-wire system)




  Pulse signal output type

  According to the specific selection (omitted)

  2. Precautions for product installation

  1. Use the mounting bracket or the 4 fixing screw holes at the bottom, and choose the correct method to install directly according to the needs of the site and machine installation control facilities.

  2. During installation, attention should be paid to the angle of the traction rope outlet, that is, try to make the traction rope slide straight from the outlet to the moving part during operation, and try to keep the minimum angle deviation (allowable deviation ±3°) to determine the measurement accuracy and The life of the tow rope. When the long stroke is installed vertically, it is recommended that the rope ruler body be installed at the lower part, and the traction rope is pulled upwards.

  3. The traction rope is made of stainless steel. Do not allow it to be cut, burned, impacted, etc. by external forces: excessive powder, accumulated debris,

  The acid-alkaline environment is enough to damage the internal measurement components, resulting in sluggish operation, reduced measurement accuracy or even premature failure.

  4. Before it is installed on the workbench or fixed seat, do not pull out the traction rope with your hands or other objects and let it bounce back instantly. This will cause the traction rope to break, damage the body structure and personal safety, and even damage the eyeball.

  5. The instantaneous acceleration of the traction movement of the TMS-LS series products is ≤2m/s², and the absolute speed is ≤2m/s; the instantaneous acceleration of the traction movement of the TMS-L and TMS-XL series products is ≤1.5m/s², The absolute speed should be less than or equal to 0.75m/s; exceeding the above speed and acceleration range will reduce the reliability and service life of the product, and even cause the traction rope to break.

  6. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install appropriate pulleys to bundle the curvilinear motion into the linear motion.