There are tricks to cleaning the scale correctly

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  When cleaning the grating scale, pay attention to:

  1. Clean the three-coordinate grating ruler, use a absorbent cotton ball dipped in anhydrous alcohol, and wipe the cotton ball from one end of the grating to the other end, then replace the cotton ball, and then wipe it with a clean cotton ball. The cotton ball cannot be reused. Note Can't rub back and forth. Do not touch the reading head during the wiping process, and do not let the fibers of the cotton ball stick to the grating. The static electricity of the reading head will attract the fibers and affect the reading.

  2. Be sure to pay attention to some problems when wiping with alcohol. Generally, the grating ruler is attached to the base, and alcohol can only be used a little, because alcohol is an organic solvent. If there is too much, the glue between the grating ruler and the base It will fail, and the grating scale will protrude over time, so replacing the grating scale will not be worth the loss.

  3. The grating should not be wiped frequently, once a quarter or half a year!