The driving factors of the rapid development of the sensor industry

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

The driving factors of the rapid development of the sensor industry

  The 21st century is a golden period for the rapid development of the sensor industry. With the rise of emerging industries such as industrial automation and the Internet of Things, the sensor industry market has been expanded infinitely. From the perspective of the industrial chain, the upstream of the sensor industry includes material research and development, production and sales, material processing equipment manufacturing and sales, etc.; the downstream covers the design and production of automation equipment, automobiles, electronic products, automation systems, scientific research experiments and other industries. The sensor industry plays a vital role in various new industries and is an important breakthrough point in promoting social and economic transformation. Benefiting from the progress of comprehensive technologies such as electronic technology, material technology, communication technology, computer technology and processing technology, the sensor industry has gradually transformed from traditional products to new products such as miniaturization, integration, intelligence and digitization. The main driving factors for the rapid development of the sensor industry are:

  1. Market driven

  The market economy is a key driver in determining whether the sensor industry can flourish. In the fields of smart agriculture, smart industry, smart transportation, building energy saving, smart environmental protection, smart grid, health care, smart wear and other fields, sensors have a broad application space. The strong market demand has stimulated more and more R&D, production and sales companies to join the sensor industry.

  2. Technical pull

  In recent years, domestic and foreign institutions and investment in sensor technology research and development have been increasing, and sensor technology has also achieved rapid development. All kinds of new sensors, low-cost, high-performance sensors have been successfully developed continuously, the cost of sensor application will be reduced, and the effect will continue to improve, driving the sustainable development of the sensor industry.

  3. Policy promotion

  In recent years, various relevant policies have been introduced, providing strong support for the sensor industry. In the future, the sensor industry will face a more relaxed policy environment. With the support of national policies, the sensor industry will gradually embark on the fast lane.

  4. Industrial integration

  With the intensification of market competition, mergers and acquisitions in the sensor industry continue to increase, and large foreign sensor companies have formed their own technological advantages through mergers and acquisitions. In the future, the formation of leading domestic sensor companies will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the industry and promote the healthy development of the industry.