Bridge health and safety monitoring Displacement sensor applications usher in the next tuyere

Date:2021-09-15 00:00

  Bridge health and safety monitoring displacement sensor application ushered in the next tuyere

  In recent years, with the development of my country's economy, my country's bridge construction has ushered in an unprecedented speed of development, providing a solid transportation infrastructure for economic construction.

  With the improvement of bridge construction and transportation system, bridges have also shifted from large-scale construction to bridge monitoring and evaluation management. With the passage of time, more and more bridges will reach or approach their service life. In addition, they will receive heavy pressure from vehicles all year round, resulting in structural damage and aging of bridges, especially for large bridges. Once a collapse accident occurs, it will cause difficult recovered losses. Therefore, health and safety monitoring of bridges is crucial.

  In the past, the monitoring of the health and safety of bridges was mainly based on manual inspection. Although it was supplemented by corresponding testing equipment, it was difficult to achieve real-time, continuous and uninterrupted monitoring of bridges, and the monitoring method was not intelligent enough.

  Today, with the continuous in-depth development of the Internet of Things and smart cities, the application of displacement sensors is inseparable from the health and safety monitoring of bridges and the maintenance of important structural parts. By installing displacement sensors on bridges and monitoring the safety operation status of bridges remotely and continuously through the Internet, it has been successfully applied in many places.

  Wuhan City, Hubei Province has installed more than 1,000 displacement sensors of 15 categories on 42 key bridges to conduct all-weather automatic monitoring of bridge operating environment, vehicle loads, structural mechanical characteristics, existing diseases and defects, and safety operation indicators; Anhui Hefei installed about 1000 displacement sensors on viaducts. 387 sensors monitor the changes of bridge cable force, strain, inclination, displacement, deflection, acceleration, structure temperature, etc.; Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang installs electronic sensors for bridges to realize scientific dynamic monitoring and management of bridge maintenance; wireless intelligent cable force developed by Tsinghua University The sensor products have been used in the "National Trunk Network Monitoring Project-Key Bridge Monitoring" project initiated by the Ministry of Transport for three consecutive years.

  With the advancement of displacement sensor technology, the development and application of some new linear displacement sensors that are more reliable, accurate and cheap have strongly promoted the development of bridge health and safety monitoring. Such as linear sensors, rope displacement sensors, magnetostrictive displacement sensors, vibration measurement eddy current displacement sensors, etc. are more and more applied to bridge health and safety monitoring.

  With the rapid development of infrastructure construction in my country, the safety monitoring of bridges, tracks and other projects has attracted increasing attention. According to industry forecasts, the maintenance of infrastructure such as bridges in my country will be a big market worth hundreds of billions of yuan every year in the future. According to relevant statistics, at present, 200 to 300 bridges in my country have been installed with displacement sensors for safety monitoring, and the cost ranges from one million yuan to ten million yuan.

  At present, the speed of bridge construction in my country is much higher than that of other countries in the world. According to relevant data, the number of highway bridges in my country has exceeded 800,000, and the cumulative length of high-speed rail bridges has exceeded 10,000 kilometers. It means that sensors have a huge application market in bridge health and safety monitoring.

  Bridge health and safety monitoring, the next tuyere of displacement sensor applications has come. Domestic displacement sensor manufacturers should seize the opportunity, keep up with market demand, increase product technology research and development efforts, and share the 100 billion market cake of bridge health and safety monitoring.