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NOVObestnew-TLH series

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• Rodless design

• Ball joint structure to avoid lateral load

• The service life is up to 100 X 10^6 times under different application conditions

• Excellent linearity up to ± 0.02%

• Resolution is higher than 0.01mm

• High speed

• DIN 43650 standard plug and socket (pressure connector)

• Protection level IP 54 when installed face down

This series of sensors is primarily used for direct and accurate measurement of displacement and length in control, regulation and measurement systems. The tie-barless design allows the sensor to be brushed on the side of the sensor and moved along the length of the sensor. This avoids the sensor failure caused by the “pump” effect common to typical sensors and can travel up to 3000 mm.

The novel ball joint releases the torsion generated by the flat or tilt, and the sensor's tensile force is uniform. The fixture can be fine-tuned.

Based on the material and process relationship, the temperature coefficient of the sensor is extremely low. The rugged construction and materials allow the sensor to operate reliably under harsh temperature and vibration conditions. The sensor measurement principle is simple, passive and absolute output make it immune to external electromagnetic effects, and it does not require a built-in power supply to maintain real-time displacement data during power down.