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Injection molding machine

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Product Details

Humanized sheet metal design and high rigidity frame design ensure that the machine is beautiful and harmonious. Adopt high-performance special controller for plastic machine, switch between Chinese and English, clear and intuitive, and easy to operate.

ejection part

The short and powerful double-cylinder injection system is adopted to ensure smooth injection action and no deformation of the fixed platen. The screw components are optimized to achieve better plasticizing ability and plasticizing effect. The screw head and check ring are made of high-toughness material of hot-work tool steel imported from Japan. After special heat treatment, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance and thermal erosion resistance, and maintains high hardness under high temperature operation. , The characteristics of wear resistance.

PID temperature control, combined with high-precision electronic ruler and controller, speed and pressure of injection, pressure holding, sol, back pressure and other actions, ensure the quality of molded products and the continuity of production, automatic material cleaning, anti-spreading, anti-cold start-up delay Time and other functions to ensure efficient, convenient and safe work.

Clamping part

A new generation of crank-hand clamping mechanism is adopted. Computer simulation optimizes the design of curved hand parameters, so that the moving plate moves quickly and smoothly, combined with box-shaped moving plate, fixed plate and high-rigidity curved hand structure. Determine the characteristics to achieve high strength and fatigue resistance. Compared with machines of the same level, it has larger inner distance of tie rods, volume modulus and mold opening stroke, and can process larger plastic products.

Hydraulic system

The high-efficiency, energy-saving and high-precision proportional pressure-flow variable pump system is adopted, so that the output of the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine matches the power required for the operation of the whole machine, and there is no high-pressure throttling overflow energy loss. The motor with the same power can be equipped with a larger displacement oil pump, which makes the whole machine faster, and the low oil temperature makes the life of the seal longer.

Equipped with imported high-performance precision oil filter equipment, so that the normal service life of hydraulic oil is longer, and at the same time, it ensures the normal operation of the hydraulic system. In the mold opening and closing oil circuit, buffer devices are used to ensure smooth mold opening and closing without impact. And with differential mold clamping action, high production efficiency.

technical parameter