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18 series magnetostrictive

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18 series magnetostrictive

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Application range: injection molding machine, bottle blowing machine, die casting machine, rubber molding machine, brick press, sign making machine, paint sprayer, metal and woodworking machinery, automobile and walking machinery.

The principle of magnetostriction (Absopos) is achieved by analyzing the feedback signals induced by two magnetic fields. The first magnetic field is run on the sensor housing using a permanent magnet. The second magnetic field is generated by a pulse generator. When two magnetic fields are induced to each other, an absolute position signal will be fed back at ultrasonic speed. The precision circuit system will analyze the waveform of the ultrasonic wave, and then output an accurate and high-resolution position signal, so that the machine can enter the production state in real time.

Advantages of magnetostrictive displacement sensors


The magnetostrictive displacement sensor uses non-contact ultrasonic measurement technology. Can provide the best linear and absolute position measurement. The aluminum molded case can be used for non-contact measurement with two types of permanent magnet sliders. Directly replace the resistive potentiometer without mechanical modification. Open-rail housing design reduces damage to the sensor due to installation errors.


Measurement data

Input protection Polarity protection to -30 Vdc, overvoltage protection to 36 Vdc

Insulation strength 500 Vdc (DC ground to machine ground)

Unlimited resolution (depending on controller A / D and power ripple)

Non-linearity <± 0.01% of full scale (maximum ± 90)

Protection level IP65 (when plug is connected properly)

Impact index 100 g (single impact) / IEC standard 68-2-27 (durability)

Power supply +24 Vdc (20.4-28_8 Vdc)

Power consumption 50-140 mA (depending on range)

Output 0-10 Vdc, 10-0 Vdc dual output, minimum load resistance 5 kil

Repeatability <± 0.005% of full scale

Operating temperature -40 to 851

Oscillation index 10-2000 HZ / IEC standard 68-2-6

Update time 0.5 ms within 1200 mm / 1.0 ms within 2400 mm / 2.0 ms within 4800 mm

18 series magnetostrictive displacement sensors use non-contact magnetostrictive measurement technology. This technology provides highly accurate, direct and absolute displacement output. The non-contact design not only facilitates installation, but also eliminates all errors caused by work wear.

Standard Specification for Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor