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BWLS-S drawstring series

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BWLS-S drawstring series

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Product Details

S type frame size: the maximum effective stroke is 2250mm,

Linear accuracy: (universal type) 0.25% FS; (precision type) 0.05% ~ 0.08% FS;

Repeatability: 0.01% FS ~ 0_005% FS;

Product type: current type (4 ~ 20mA; or 20 ~ 4mA);

Voltage type (0 ~ lOVdc; or 10 ~ OVdc)

Resistance type (0 ~ 5kΩ or 0 ~ lOkΩ);

Pulse type (generally 3600 ~ 5000 ppr, incremental)

Fixing screw: M4mm; Installation method: bracket (two)

Effective life: 5 million strokes; protection level: IP67

Power supply voltage: 24VDC (pulse type power supply voltage: 5 ~ 24VDC)

Product body installation:

Mounting bracket hole distance: 28 ± 0.5mm

Distance between two brackets: recommended between 40 ~ 55mm

Mounting screw: M4

Traction screw installation: M6



Introduction of Rope Displacement Sensor

The pull rope displacement sensor is a delicate integration of the linear displacement sensor in the structure. It fully combines the advantages of the angular displacement sensor, linear displacement sensor, and gear and bar drive. It is a compact structure, versatile, simple installation and space size Small, no need to compensate the gap, with high-precision measurement, high repeatability measurement and high positioning accuracy, long stroke and life sensor. Can be used for precise measurement and positioning control. With the display instrument, it can also be used as a measuring instrument for manual measurement. This series of products has a lot of choices, there are three models of S / M / L, the stroke from 50MM to 11500MM. With analog DC current 4-20MA, analog DC voltage 0-5V or 0-10V and pulse A, B, Z phase digital output can meet the requirements of large stroke, high precision and various signals. According to the actual use situation, all analog signal outputs can change the logic direction of the signal through the switch.

Installation Precautions

1. Use the 4 fixing screw holes on the bottom of the mounting bracket, and choose the correct orientation to install directly according to the needs of the site and the installation space of the machine.

2. Note that there is sufficient buffer stroke at both ends during installation. When installing, pay attention to the horizontal angle of the traction cable, try to make the cable from the outlet to the moving part mechanism, and slide horizontally and linearly at work, keeping the minimum angle (tolerance +/- 30) to ensure the measurement accuracy and the cable Life (see Figure 1). For long-stroke vertical installation, it is recommended that the drawstring body be installed at the lower part, and the traction rope is pulled upwards (see Figure 2).

3. The traction wire is a multi-strand stainless steel rope with a fluorine coating. Do not allow it to be cut, burned, or impacted by external forces. Excessive dust, debris, or acid-alkaline environments are sufficient to damage the internal measuring elements, causing irregular operation, reducing measurement accuracy and even premature damage.

4. Do not pull out the cable with your hand or other objects before it is installed on the workbench or fixed seat, and let it bounce back instantly. This will cause the cable to break, damaging the body structure and personal safety.

5. The instantaneous acceleration of the traction movement of BWLS-S and BWLS-M series products should be ≤ 2 m / s, and the absolute speed should be ≤ 1 m / s; the instantaneous acceleration of the traction motion of BWLS-L series products should be ≤ 1.5 m / s. , The absolute speed should be ≤ 0.75 m / s; exceeding the above speed will reduce the reliability and service life of the product, and even cause the cable to break.

6. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install an appropriate pulley to convert the curve motion into a linear motion (see Figure 3-1 and Figure 3-2).

If it is used in harsh environments or special occasions, please install the protection mechanism by yourself or contact our technical staff.