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Novobestnew LWH series

Product number:

027 .

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Product Details


• Up to 100 x 10^6 times of service life under different application conditions

• Excellent linearity, up to ± 0.04%

• Resolution is higher than 0.01mm

• High running speed

• DIN 43 650 standard plug and socket

• Degree of protection IP 55

These sensors are used in measurement and control systems for direct and absolute measurement of displacement and length.

The working range is up to 900mm and high resolution (0.01mm) provides accurate linear displacement measurement. The structural design of the sensor is considered to facilitate installation and disassembly.

The internal and external structural surfaces of the sensor are specially treated to operate at high speed and low wear. The flexible cushioning bearing at the front of the sensor overcomes some minor lateral stresses on the drive rod to ensure proper operation of the sensor. The sensor's conductive material mounting and structural design ensure reliable operation even under the toughest conditions.

The sensor has a mounting groove for the fourth, so that it is convenient to install the conductive material face down as much as possible during installation to avoid the presence of tiny foreign particles inside the sensor and affect the life of the sensor.